Andy Clayburn


† Feb 4th, 2019


Always been positive, loving everything and everyone, he truly wandered thought life, but he never stayed a stranger to people for long.

Staying true to his childhood dream being a musician, he also fought many fights throughout his life.

But as he was gifted with charm and charisma, he won many hearts and touched thousands of listeners with his music all over the world.

Andy is sorely missed.


“When I was about 5 years old…
I heard a man playing the guitar. Ever since then I have never wanted to do anything else”. – Andy

” I could say I hear echoes of Mark Knopfler, John Lennon, Elvis Costello in his music – and I do – but that would be unfair praise, because he has his own sound – original, sympatico. He’s an extraordinary musician, a superb guitarist and vocalist, but what impresses me are his lyrics, full of genuine feeling
and sly wit.
Rex Roberts, Film Journal International, New York City.

Andy started playing guitar aged 7 and gave his first classical guitar recital aged 12. He studied at The Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, UK.

He formed a duo with fellow student Paul Dwyer, performing their own music in the UK, Middle East and Turkey. During the 90’s, they released 2 albums in Europe as “The Graduates” with Sony Music producing 3 radio hits and a tour in Germany with Suzanne Vega. Andy & Paul decided to live in Istanbul as performers and worked with many other artists as arrangers, writers and producers

In 1996, they became the first English duo to release an album of original songs in both English and Turkish as EnDiPol, gaining them a tremendous amount of recognition.


In 2001, Andy based himself in NYC, writing even more fervently than ever, performing and recording solo and with his NY musician friends including Gavin DeGraw, Chris Barron, and Joss Stone. Andy often travelled across the US and Europe, performing his highly distinctive songs.

In February 2019, Andy sadly lost his battle against cancer, but he lives on in his wonderful artist legacy.

There is a lot of unpublished music still to be released.
Stay tuned


ACOUSTIC REMIXES "Fingers on Nylons"

Realese Date : 2016


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